Welcome to my very first blog post! I’m so excited that you decided to become a DJ! I will be sharing 3 simple steps to help you achieve this. This will be a clear path for you to start to dream big.  

Have you spent time on Google reading resources online that felt like it was all technical terms? That does not sound interesting at all, at least for me! When I hear words for the first time that are foreign to me, like: 

  • Cueing up 
  • Scratching 
  • Crossfader 
  • Cue Point 
  • Mix in key 
  • BPM 
  • Highs, Mids, Lows 
  • +6, +10, +16, Wide 
  • Gains 
  • Input / Output 
  • RCA / XLR 

This all sounds confusing because I have no idea what it is in relation to when I first heard these terminologies. And trust me, there is so much more to go through when talking about DJ terms.  

I want you to keep in mind that there are specific ways to learn. When you find out what your type of learning style is, you will be able to grasp the basic concepts of DJing better. 

Here are some ways a person can learn. You can be a combination of these ways of learning: 

  • Visual learners 
  • Auditory learners 
  • Kinesthetic (or tactile) learners 
  • Reading/Writing learners 

I am not a book manual reading type of person. I am someone who loves to feel, touch and see what I am learning. So, if you feel that the technology of DJing feels uncomfortable for you, do not worry! The time will come naturally when you put your heart and soul into your newfound love for DJing! It will all come to a point where you feel that DJing is second nature. But, first, let’s start with some simple steps! 

Step 1 – Find Your Inspiration 

Finding your inspiration is the key to building your goals as a DJ. When I first decided to want to be a professional DJ, I was in love with dancing! There was not a single night in my youth where I was not dancing. Dancing was my muse and my inspiration. I used dancing as a healing modality. This form of exercise and self-expression is the catalyst of my professional DJ career, my happy go-lucky lifestyle and my wellness journey. 

It all started when I went to my first underground rave in Charlotte, NC. I was only 16 years old. I had my older sister’s ID, and this club was an 18 and over venue. I had to sneak out of my house because my parents were very strict. My parents are refugees from the southeast Asian country, Laos. They come from old fashion viewpoints that felt outdated to me. They absolutely instilled their old belief systems on me to define their rigid parenting style. 

My parents left Laos during the “Secret War”, which was also called in textbook the Vietnam War in 1978. My Mom and Dad almost died to come to America to be free from communism. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to express myself and live my life in freedom. This felt so heavy for my heart at such a young age. This is why I tell you that dancing was so important in my life. It was a gateway out of my restrictions from home life and allowed me to feel freedom in my body and in my choices. 

I can remember my first experience falling in love with music like it was yesterday. When I first walked into the venue, the walls had pastel purple fake plush fur and glitter everywhere! I felt like I was “Alice in Wonderland”. I was welcomed by everyone, as they knew it was my first rave encounter. I remember the first time I heard the music genre breakbeats, jungle and drum and bass. I was so in love with the energetic beats and loved to dance to it! The sound of the music was so funky and abstract that my mind felt so stimulated. Electronic music was a game changer for me! 

As the years went by, I followed my music passion, and it led me to pursue a professional DJ career in Las Vegas, Nevada. I moved to Las Vegas when I was 22 years old in 2001 and I have been in Las Vegas ever since. I am in love with the idea of my inspiration in finding my career as a full-time professional DJ. I am making people feel happy and free by providing the music and soundtracks of their lives in a fun and vibrant environment. This choice feels liberating and happy to my spirit! 

I feel like you may have had the same experience. Maybe not furry purple walls but definitely, glitter! Lots of fun glitter! The music genre and age of experience may not be the same either, but I am sure you found me and my blog because you are a true music lover too! 

If you have an experience you want to share with me about your inspiration for DJing, I’d love to hear it! Make sure you leave a reply at the end of this blog, and I will make sure to find some time to read it when I get the opportunity. 

Ways to find your inspiration: 

  • Supporting and watching your favorite DJ perform on a consistent basis. 
  • Looking online on YouTube or social media platforms of DJs you like. 
  • Meditating on the music style that brings happiness and joy to you. 
  • Creating a vision board of what DJing would look like to you. Would it be for you and your friends gathering at a house party. Would DJing look like being at a nightclub, or a music festival? 
  • Being a part of a DJ community feels empowering. 
  • Have a defined purpose of why you want to be a DJ and follow that intention with passion. 

Step 2 – Set An Intention to Learn 

Set a timeline intention of when you will learn how to DJ. This may sound so like “duh, okay”, but no, really! Your intention will allow you to open a path to the next steps. Put this in your journal, your calendar, your mind and you will see how your world will bring you to this point of following through. 

If you feel like you have no time, then I suggest that prioritizing your time to fit learning how to DJ into your lifestyle. I promise you will thank yourself later for the intention to learn this new and fun skill. 

These are some practices to set your intention: 

  • In your journal, write out a timeline of events of how you can fit DJing into your life. Writing out the details like; I will learn to DJ after work, or before school, or during a specific season when I feel like my time is more freed up. 
  • In your calendar on your phone make a note specifically on days you wish to learn how to DJ. 
  • Get into a habit of meditating on what it would look like and feel like to learn how to DJ. 

Step 3 – Ask And You Will Receive 

Put it out there in the Universe that you want to learn how to DJ. Have you ever seen the movie or read the book, “The Secret”? Do you believe in the idea of manifest destiny? I feel that learning how to DJ can be something so special that using the natural laws of attraction can help you achieve your goals. I basically had a clear unified brain and heart coherence healthy obsession about wanting to learn how to DJ and it magically appeared in the best ways possible for me. I know it will be for you too! 

Some of the ways that you can put it out there is: 

  • Write a post on your social media that you want to learn how to DJ and want someone to help you with that.  
  • Look up online schools that will teach you the fundamentals of DJing. 
  • Look for a DJ school in your area that can help you with everything you need. Most of the time DJ lessons will cost anywhere between $40 to $75 per hour. 
  • Sign up for free lessons at your local library. I have seen some states have this. Please reach out to your public library to see if this is being offered in your area. 
  • See if your school or a university has a free DJ program or find out what the fee is for that learning program. 
  • Ask if anyone of your DJ networks would like to trade a skill for skills. (When I first learned how to DJ, I had someone who wanted me to teach them how to dance come up to me at a rave and I said that he had to teach me a useful skill and just like “magic” he said he would teach me how to DJ on turntables using vinyl records! What a DREAM come true!) 

Now a days, I feel like there are so many DJs. I honestly think it is because the equipment for DJing is more accessible and cost efficient. I also feel that the culture of DJing is also increasingly very popular. 

When you find your DJ mentor, I highly recommend you ask to sit in on their DJ session either at their gig or home studio. Request some sort of consistency so that the learning process starts to stick in your memory. Getting in front of the DJ gear is a great starting point. This will help you get to your dreams of learning how to DJ.  

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