I love being a professional DJ, and traveling, and enjoy blogging about my passions! If you also:

  • love to inspire others through music,
  • wanderlust on adventures and blogging, and
  • explore your inner self for growth and happiness,

then I see us dancing at the same party one day and exchanging positive vibes! I am that go-to girl that you can ask anything when it comes to professional DJing, what events to hit up, and how you can become more intuned with yourself when you feel off-balanced.

My area of expertise comes from being the first, to be “Voted the #1 Female DJ” in Las Vegas by City Life Magazine. I also won a DJ competition in Las Vegas where I was awarded 10K for my DJ performance. I have over 20 years of DJing experience in Las Vegas and around the world. My ability to grow into the professional career woman that I am honestly comes about by not only being at the top of my field but also by understanding that inner growth and happiness create balance in a fast-paced city like Las Vegas!

My past has carried me to this point of balance, happiness, and a desire to share all my successes with you. So if you’re willing to listen, learn about me, and how I’ve come to love the things I do, let’s be friends and get deep!